The Google Assistant is a digital personal assistant built to help you throughout your day with whatever you might need wherever you might be.  

I worked on the framework team within the Google Assistant UX team. I made it easier to develop on the Assistant platform, designed tools for VUI designers to tailor the Assistant's voice and was responsible for the Assistant cards visual design system.

Interaction Designer
Nov 2016 - Nov 2017


interaction design, visual design, design systems
The Google Assistant not only helps you with your everyday tasks, but it allows you to do so in natural ways by using your voice to talk to Google Home or having a conversation with Google on your Android device.
The Assistant framework
My largest project at Google was establishing the design system of the Assistant on devices with screens. I was charged to establish patterns, socialize them and consult with feature teams regarding how to design on the Assistant for mobile and future devices like TV and Auto.
Actions on Google: Simulator
One of the first tools the Actions on Google team built (and one of my first projects at Google) was a simulator for 3rd party developers to test their apps they built on the Google Assistant platform.
Actions on Google: Templates
My second project for the Assistant platform was a project aimed to greatly reduce the difficulty of building apps. We wanted to make creating an Assistant app without writing any code and embed best practices, including personality, throughout.
Currently 20% of all Assistant apps were created by using templates, despite only launching on October 4th.
You can try my app that I built with templates by saying "Talk to Utah Football Fan Trivia" to any Google Assistant-enabled devices.
Other Projects